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Webinaires gratuits

Learn How To Become a Coach With Our FREE Online Webinars

  • Explore Coaching – if you are still dipping your toes into discovering what coaching is and how it can be applied in your life or career, come and get answers to your coach training questions. This short 1-hour webinar is designed to help you learn more about Solution-Focused coaching, explain your program options and study methods, and provide an open and friendly platform to have your questions about becoming a coach answered.
Erickson Coaching Quebec

Our Online Live webinars are designed to answer your questions about becoming a coach, explain the fundamentals of coaching (including the basics of Erickson’s unique Solution-Focused methodology), and provide you with an opportunity to experience a real life coaching conversation.

By attending our webinars you can experience the committed and respectful learning environment that The Art & Science of Coaching Online provides. We strive to provide our online learners with the same quality of facilitator-to-student and student-to-student interaction you receive with our on-site coach training programs.

The experience is facilitated by a live immersive webinar environment combining both audio and visual elements. You will be connected to the class through our world class Cisco webinar software. Your facilitator will use live whiteboards and online presentations to address the same key learning points as our on-site programs.

Erickson Coaching Quebec